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Oracle Release Timeline with Dipity

Derek Dukes was on net@nite #53 the other week, and it was really interesting to hear him talk about dipity.

Dipity is an experiment in information organisation, with time being the primary dimension currently being explored. Similar in a way to MIT's SMILE widget, which I was investigating a while back for visualizing time-based information.

Dipity shows a great deal of promise, and I like its emphasis on self-discovery and organisation information if directed (rather than everything having to be painstakingly entered). It is certainly a fun way to get lost for a few hours and learn a whole lot of stuff you never set out to study (just go to the home page and start checking out different timelines!)

Ulrich has already worked up a history of Oracle Releases. Not complete, but a fantastic visualisation that would be worth supporting and maintaining!

NB: I'm posting a static image here for now, because the embed code doesn't seem to work in all browsers at the moment.

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Adding reCAPTCHA to Oracle SSO - now on sourceforge

Yes, it's time for some house cleaning!

One of my favourite little hacks is how to add reCAPTCHA to Oracle SSO, which I wrote about last year. I've now finally got around to setting it up with its own sourceforge project.

OssoRecaptcha is a demonstration of integrating the CAPTCHA service from with Oracle Single-Sign-On. It can be used in production OSSO deployments, and also as an example of integrating any 3rd party authentication system with OSSO. Logo
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Request header rewrites with Java servlet filters - now on sourceforge

Some time back I posted a sample and discussion of request header rewrites with Java servlet filters, and I now finally got around to setting it up with its own sourceforge project.

RewriteRequestHeaderFilter is a Java servlet filter for request header rewrites according to regex rules specified in the servlet init parameters. It is packaged as a sample application and also jar that can be inserted into any arbitrary site. Logo
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I haz audible! / Dune

As a long time TWiT listener, and a fan of audiobooks, I've long been tantalised by one of the TWiT network's biggest sponsors - audible.

To my chagrin, last I checked - admittedly a long time ago - I was unable to subscribe to audible because I live in Singapore. Undoubtedly due to pre-Copernican copyright issues.

After chatting with a colleague from the US the other day who was raving about audible, I thought I'd try again.

Success! I am over the moon to now be a totally addicted audible member (it seems 99% of titles are available for purchase to me - just a few that are restricted due to copyright).

With my free credit (for signing up as a TWiT listener) I bought the unabridged adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune. The production by Audio Renaissance is truly wonderful. The selected use of character actors, and subtle atmospheric music and sound effects really bring the story to life, keeping you enthralled for the full 21 hours.

It is many years since I last read and re-read Dune, and it was great to rediscover the book in audio. Still the SF classic I remember, and now I have it sitting in my audible library for another listen in the not too distant future.

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