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Paul Gallagher

I’m a software developer, electronics tinkerer and wannabe guitarrista based in Singapore. My name is Paul Gallagher and you can easily find me on GitHub, twitter etc - see the links above.

This blog is my occasional diary of Quite Interesting Things. It is a generally technical blog, meaning all things web, open source, data, electronics, and polyglot-programming. Sometimes ravings on books or music bust in, and occasionally I’ll be distracted with a rant or philosophical drivel.

If these topics interest you, you may like some other sites I maintain:

The blog itself is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub in this repository. It uses the template as a base.

It is a port and integration of two blogs I originally started on Blogger back in 2004. If you notice styling glitches on older posts, it is likely due to an imperfect migration that I haven’t cleaned up yet!