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TechnoDjango - The Lost Fingers Pump Up The Jam

NPR Fresh Air made me wish I was at the Montreal Jazz festival this year. The Lost Fingers' take on hits from the 80's are great fun, and great listening.

Just noticed their album is currently available for pre-order on amazon (out 1-Sep-2009).

  1. Pump Up the Jam

  2. You Give Love a Bad Name

  3. You Shook Me All Night Long

  4. Incognito

  5. Touch Me

  6. Part-Time Lover

  7. Fresh

  8. Billie Jean

  9. Careless Whisper

  10. Tainted Love

  11. Straight Up

  12. Black Velvet

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Fail Whale

too good to pass without note.. (more about showing the whale here)

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Yes, of course we have an open social media policy

We embrace openness and customer engagement using the latest social media tools such as twitter, facebook and blogs*

* subject to prior approval, review, certain topic restrictions and we reserve the right to change our mind, terminating your network or your employment, now or at any time in the future. Have a nice day.

Tom Fishburne perfectly captures the reality of how many big companies really work. This may be painfully funny, but sadly I don't think it's all fiction...

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Rocket Ship Galileo - Apollo 11 40th Anniversary

Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed -- 20 July 1969

The 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing has been getting quite a bit of coverage, but the coolest initiative has got to be the addition of the Moon in Google Earth.

Quite coincidentally, I just read Robert A. Heinlein's "Rocket Ship Galileo" (well, actually listened to the audio version brilliantly narrated by Spider Robinson ).

Heinlein packs this atomic moonshot adventure with just about every Boy's Own plot twist possible and tells a rollicking ripping yarn. What's amazing is the detail of the hard science throughout the book - especially given the fact it was written in 1947.

All the shucks, gee willikins is quaintly pre-baby boom, while the embracing of atomic power with such wild abandon is frightening in retrospect. Altogether, it's a great - if dated - story; a true testament to Heinlein's genius and imagination.

On atomics: it is possible the tide of opinion may be swinging back to nuclear. The ABC Science show just featured a story on the safer and cheaper generations of reactors coming online (transcript, audio). Today's generation III reactors, and the generation IV on the horizon offer even cheaper, safer and cleaner power (literally eating the waste products of earlier designs). All well and good, but it would be a concern if "new atomics" became the quick and easy fix that sabotages the head of steam building up behind the true clean, green renewables (like solar nanopillars).

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