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Sorry - we've upgraded!

Upgrades: just what customers look forward to, for the new features, stability and performance?

Or as this supermarket admits: source of pain, frustration and disappointment!

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Driving me crazy .. know this song?

Someth'n my society... anyone recognise this song?

As usual I was casually playing around on my guitar while chilling out, and I hit this chord seuence. Can't vouch for the key, but if you comp this do you recognise it?

Am-Am Am Am | Dm7- Dm7 Dm7 Dm7 |
E7-E7 E7 E7 | Am-Am Am Am
And the chorus/bridge is E7/Am.

It's driving me crazy! I know this song. At first I thought Annie Lennox with Dave Stewart doing an acoustic jazz guitar bit, but after 30mins on amazon mp3 came up empty (such a useful resource though!)

If you recognise it ... let me know, and release me from my anxiety!

Postcript 2-May-2008: GOT IT! Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety. I am sane again.
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Innovation and Two Book Recommendations

There's a great quote in Chad Fowler's My Job Went to India which I just posted a quick review of:
In business, ideas are dime a dozen. It's the blood, sweat, tears and money you pour into a product that make it really worth something.
I'd extend that and link it to a later part of the book that focuses on Execution.
To be successful, raw ability will get you only so far. The final stretch is populated by closers - people who finish things.
As Theodore Levitt said:
Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.
In other words, the key is doing. One of my pet subjects;-) I can come up with a million creative ideas, but without follow-through, its all just a bit of mental fun.

An excellent companion read is Scott Berkun's The Myths of Innovation.

Get them both on your bookshelf! The sooner, the better.

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My Job Went to India (and all I got was this lousy book)

The title may be provocative, and immediately engender some strong reactions, but having just read My Job Went to Indiaby Chad Fowler, I'd strongly recommend you get past the emotions and read this book now!

It is actually a very sensitive and insightful treatment of career pressures of the modern age, and how to respond positively. Although primarily targetted at a those working in the software industry, the book is a great career coach for any white-collar information worker.

The book contains 52 very well-written pieces of advice, all introduced with some fascinating personal introspection.

Get it on your bookshelf! The sooner, the better.

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