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Long Live The Blog!

Over the past week I’ve subscribed to THREE NEW BLOGS in the old reader:

AND here’s my first post in 4 years.

Are blogs back!?!?!?!?!?!?

I think so and apparently I’m not the only one. For two reasons:

  • we’re jaded by the entrenched social networks (especially when captured by raving loony fascist billionaires)
  • and AI is rapidly devaluing stumbled-upon content

For some like me, and admittedly perhaps not for the majority, this means I find myself skewing back to personally curated information and hand-crafted experiences.

Blogs are good for that.

For over a decade, Twitter was my main social network. It was largely responsible for drawing me away from blogs. Of course when Google killed reader it was apparently game over.

I gave up Twitter a few years ago when Musk took over, had a half-hearted attempt at moving to mastodon, but it never really fired in the same way.

I’ve since found a pretty nice home over on Instagram - especially for my model builds and craft - but it is not a place for discussions. And by virtue of my Instagram account I do dabble a bit in Facebook, but I try to avoid it (despite the insistence of some of the communities I circulate in to do all their business on Facebook …harrumph).

Anyway for now, raise your glass and let’s toast to the ongoing success of one of the most viral, subversive, and underground content movements the world has seen since the days of flagrant pamphleteering … THE BLOG.