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LEAP#434 Boldport Krell

The Krell is a handheld DSP synthesiser, with Buttons and potentiometers dial up a range of sounds. The Boldport project is a typically beautiful remix of a soldering project by James Hutchby of MadLab.

At the core of the circuit is a Microchip dsPIC33EP128MC202-I/SP. It’s an interesting choice - a digital signal controller that is really designed for precision motor control, now put in service of creating music (or at least weird sounds).

This project also features Snaptron buttons preset on adhesive backing. Instead of soldering, they just stick down as a single array. I can imagine this being a very efficient approach for small batch assembly.

As always, all notes, schematics and code are in the Little Electronics & Arduino Projects repo on GitHub


My first sounds of Krell..