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LEAP#338 Going GlowBall!

The Glass Eye Studio “Celestial Super Nova” is quite an awesome piece of glass work … I have no idea how these can be manufactured in any quantity with consistency! Perhaps I should find a class? Glass work seems all the rage these days!

You can buy a base with lighting effects, but where is the fun in that? Here’s a project to make a base for the glass ball. Because it is going to sit on a desk, I decided to combine two functions:

  • a multi-colour “glow” effect to light the ball
  • or switch to power a 3528 LED strip (1m, 60 LEDs, 12V, cold white)

As always, all notes, schematics and code are in the Little Electronics & Arduino Projects repo on GitHub


Here’s is a video with a few soothing minutes of the glow effect;-) …