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LittleArduinoProjects now with fancy catalog!

I keep finding new uses for GitHub Pages - situations where in the past I would otherwise have spun up a web site on heroku or similar. But if the site can be static, and especially if you are already hosting the git repository at GitHub, Pages are perfect.

For a long time, I've maintained the LittleArduinoProjects project index as a simple table in the README. But it wasn't particularly nice or usable, so I decided to pimp it up and serve the catalog index with pages. Turned out to be a piece of cake (with a few scripts to convert the old index to JSON for the catalog page.

So here it is, Little Electronics & Arduino Projects at

As always - and since the gh-pages code lives in the same repo - all notes and code for the catalog are available in the same Little Electronics & Arduino Projects repo on GitHub.