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gource - cool and not totally pointless

Run gource on a source code repository and it animates the code's evolution. I think I first saw it used to illustrate the history of Python development since 1990, and I must admit my first reaction was cool but probably pointless.

Recently @dmm6319 ran it over our own project, and inspired me to play around a bit with it too.

So after watching our animation a few times I'm sheepishly revising my opinion of gource.

Yes, you probably need to have something invested in the particular code-base to care, and it certainly helps if you avoid the obvious cliche of using an "atmospheric" soundtrack.

But there are some real, big-picture insights that come through very clearly in the animation that you wouldn't necessarily get if you just looked at the source - for example, the shift from Cucumber to RSpec as our primary testing framework.

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