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In Australia, kids are called vegemites in honour of that most delicious of gastronomic inventions - yeast extract. In the UK, children have Marmite. Is it the same? Better? The debate rages.

Bitter & salty - whether you bat for the Vegemite or Marmite team, kids can't get enough of it. Which is really weird when you consider these are the same kids who baulk at a single brussel sprout or any cheese that hasn't had all hint of character resoundly flogged out of it.

In 1929, some clever bastard (M. Rondalin) realized you can't run around all day with a slice of bread in your hand and had the genius idea of baking convenient little breadsticks smothered in yeast extract. Twiglets were born and the rest is history..

The problem is that unless you live in one of those yeast-extract addicted countries, Twiglets are as rare to find as, well, yeast extract.

So when I find them on a supermarket shelf, they are a must buy. I emptied the shelf at a local Cold Storage to get the picture below.

Clip for this post: There ain't 'alf been some clever bastards - Ian Dury & the Blockheads

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