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The #joojoo is coming (with or without the true story)

Michael Arrington hasn't been shy about arguing his position on the CrunchPad/joojoo story, and until recently that's all we've really heard.

Reading the filing, I had the distinct feeling that everything wasn't so cut and dried as Mike claimed, and there's another story to tell.

Andrew Warner's Mixergy interview with Chandra (and subsequent discussion on TWiT) finally starts to bring some balance. I'm sure it all won't come out until the dust has settled around the court case, but I reckon there's a book in this story, a lá The Accidental Billionaires ("Crunch!"?)

Besides, now having seen it .. I want a joojoo! Short of an injunction, the joojoo is due to ship in the US in 8-10 weeks. It will be a real sad thing if the legal wrangle scuttles the joojoo's chances to have a serious shot in the market.

Business Tips via Mixergy, home of the ambitious upstart!