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Released: Authlogic_RPX gem, the easiest way to support multiple authentication schemes in Rails

I've just made Authlogic_RPX public for the first time and invite any rails developers to take a look. It's a ruby gem that adds suppport for RPX authentication in the Authlogic framework for Ruby on Rails. With RPX, you get to support all the common authentication schemes in one shot (Facebook, twitter, OpenID etc).

Authlogic_RPX is available under the MIT license, and a number of resources are available:

The best place to find out more is the README, it contains the full background and details on how to start using it. Feedback and comments are welcome and invited (either directly to me, or you can enter them in the github issues list for the project).

Authlogic_RPX plugs into the fantastic Authlogic framework by Ben Johnson/binarylogic. Authlogic is elegant and unobtrusive, making it currently one of the more popular approaches to authentication in Rails.

RPX is the website single-sign-on service provided by JanRain (the OpenID folks). It complements their OPX offerings I wrote about recently. RPX abstracts the authentication process for developers and provides a single, simple API to deal with. This approach is great for developers because you only need to build a single authentication integration, and leave to JanRain the messy details of implementing and maintaining support for the range of authentication providers: OpenID, OAuth, Facebook Connect, AOL, Yahoo, Google, and so on..

If you want to learn more, there was recently a great podcast interview with Brian Ellin from JanRain on the IT Conversations Network: RPX and Identity Systems