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The forgotten link between Earth, Wind & Fire and Jamiroquai?

As if you needed convincing that Earth, Wind & Fire laid the groundwork for modern funk...

My latest, crazy theory is that a forgotten track "You Can Do It" in the middle of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom is the forgotten evolutionary link!

Don't believe me? Try listening to this sequence and tell me if I am wrong..

  • Boogie Wonderland, EW&F - classic disco funk (1979). Vocals, base and guitar come down heavy on the beat with trademark brass punctuation.

  • You Can Do It from Tragic Kingdom
    , No Doubt - big trumpets, rollicking beat and wah-wah, but in comes the synth.

  • Then, say, Love Foolosophy from A Funk Odyssey
    , Jamiroquai - the pinnacle of modern funk. Borrows all that is great in terms of beat, the brass and real guitar but so well produced and of course, the one thing that always makes a song .. distinctive and delicious vocal styling.

Good listening, whether you can see the connection or not;-)

The grand-daddy, one more time..