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SOA is dead! Was it ever alive?

There's nothing like a "financial correction" to make people wake up and start sniffing the crap that has been shoveled their way.

Waddya know? SOA is dead says Burton.

If I was paying for Burton services, I would be asking for a refund and an explanation as to why it took so long to identify the bleedin' obvious

The irony may have been a bit thick for anyone to realise that my story of Eric the Architect was little more than a lampoon on the generations of IT attempting to find a home within business (true friend - true story - honest!!!).

Guys - pragmatism rules. SOA never had anything to do with the bottom-line. Directly. And the indirect contributions lacked evidence and credibility.

In an excess of pragmatism, Miko Matsumura shut down the SOA center blog on the back of the Burton article. The new blog will be called the Whatever Center. Love the name, but will the dns changes ever propagate? I hope so, for Matsumura-san's integrity. Unlike WFTs transition to WTH, this is not a joke.

Personally, I'm with Justin Kestelyn:
The problems remain with us, whatever we choose to call the solution.