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Synchronising two directory trees - tree-sync 2.4 has had a little update thanks to a contribution from Dave Stafford.
  • Added option 'diff' to view only changes

  • Added option 'ignore' to exclude certain extensions

  • Added option 'brief' to remove src/dest directories in report view to make cleaner output

In the 2.4 release I've also added the 'force' option to control read-only file handling. is a bit of a geeky tool, suitable for cases where you want detailed control over a file-based copy/mirror/backup process from the command-line. There are many flashier solutions available these days, but if tree-sync scratches your itch - go for it! continues to be available on CPAN, but from the 2.4 release I have moved the source to github. If you have changes to suggest or bugs to fix, please go ahead and join this project.