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Just a quick note to highlight a relatively new enhancement to blogspot .. the ability to get an RSS feed for a given label. I stumbled across the instructions while trying to figure out how to get a feed of all the book reviews I decided to put up at my Prata Life blog. The basic URL formulation is like this:
e.g. my reading feed is:
So now I have a little side-panel on the tardate blog showing the most recent books I've read, using the RSS widget. Cool!

Top of the list right now is The Ambler Warning by Robert Ludlum, which had some interesting, coincidental cross-overs to other books I'd read recently (blink, Softwar). Includes an interesting cameo(?) as the book reaches a climax, action centers on the World Economic Forum meeting at Davos..

"A couple of yards away from him, an older, rangy American billionaire - someone whose 'enterprise software' was an industry standard across the globe..." Hmmm, ring any bells? If you don't think Bill makes 'enterprise software', then I reckon it can only be one person ...