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iX2007 day 2 am - some nice provocative points of view

Morning sessions for day 2 of iX2007 have wrapped. Some highlights...

Douglas Merrill, Google, delivered a provocative point of view on the implications on Enterprise IT. Talked of the changing expectations of users and what they will demand and use in the enterprise. Yes its Web 2.0, but also more broadly the impact of an increasingly IT-literate workforce.
For IT, it means embracing new ways of conceiving enterprise solutions. And if SMEs are running their own infrastructure and applications, they are probably wasting their money; they will be exploiting Software as a Service.

Bit disappointed in David Willis' (Gartner) presentation. Did a good job of summarising the trends but nothing earth-shattering.

Louis Broome gave us great insight into the benefits Microsoft are getting run production (podcasts, video) inhouse. Cost-savings are one aspect (75% or so). Amazing to hear that their latest studio only cost US$13k to setup, and their 4.5 headcount are producing close to 1000 hours of video a year (thats with post production, compositing and the like).

Jeremiah Owyang argued that the corporate website is rapidly becoming irrelevant, being sidelined with the rise of 'disruptive' social network tools (from a marketeer's perspective). Go to the corporate website for product specs etc, but if you want buying advice and opinion, you are more likely to trust your peer networks. Corporate employees are in a way contributing to this with the rise of blogging etc, where they blur the corporate boundary with informal communication (bidirectional).

A good morning. Now looking forward to the tracks; looks like I'll hop between SOA and Security, although I'd also like to catch eGovernment!