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Who's bound to that port?

Recently wanted to track down the details of the process that had a specific port open. I checked out the O'Reilly Linux Server Hacks book, and hack #56 was pretty much what I wanted. I scriptified it somewhat as follows. Note that this only looks at tcp:
procinfo=$(netstat --numeric-ports -nlp 2> /dev/null | grep ^tcp | grep -w ${port} | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $7}')

case "${procinfo}" in
echo "No process listening on port ${port}"
echo "Process is running on ${port}, but current user does not have rights to see process information."
echo "${procinfo} is running on port ${port}"
ps -uwep ${procinfo%/*}

As you can see, this works by getting a little bit of process info from netstat, then using ps to get the full details. Download the script here: