Monday, August 20, 2007

Revisiting 11g Native Web Services

I've just moved from to, and updated my post First Tests of 11g Native Web Services in a few areas:
  • The XDB_* role names have been corrected in to match the documentation.
  • Confirmed that the auto-generated WSDL still assumes 'orawsv' as the URL pattern (see below). So for now, it's clear that you should stick with 'orawsv' as the servlet name and URL pattern for your native web services configuration.

Thanks to Marco Gralike and Christopher Burke for the chats we've had in the comments thread. Here's a summary of the links that came up in discussion:


Mhaelt said...

Readme says that "Database native web services are not supported on Oracle RAC". Is that true? Could you make this work on RAC somehow?

Paul said...

Sorry, but I don't have any great insights as to why this is the case now, and if it is likely to change.

Of course there's often a big differnece between "not supported" and "doesn't work". My suspicion is that the limitation may be related to the listener hook.